Hearing Fine Tuned for Life

Finally, a personalized hearing aid that empowers you to hear what you want.

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Hearing Fine Tuned for Life

Finally, a personalized hearing aid that empowers you to hear what you want.


The LifeEar CORE

The LifeEar CORE puts you in control, helping you optimize your hearing without the appointments at the local hearing clinic. Advanced digital sound technology creates accurate, unique personal profiles in the privacy of your own home, instantly personalizing your hearing aids so conversations and sounds stay crisp, sharp, and clear — year after year.

Pair  $1599
As low as $134/month

Single  $799
As low as $67/month

Free shipping & a 45-day risk-free trial


Key features:

  • Personalization process optimizes sound for your specific ears
  • Compatible smartphone app allows you to discreetly adjust your volume and programs, and fine-tune the advanced audio settings
  • Remote fine-tune assistance from our support experts
  • Adaptive listening as LifeEar automatically adapts to the sound around you
  • Advanced feedback and background noise reduction


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The Old Way

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The "LifeEar" Way


Personalize and control your hearing aids from your smartphone or tablet. 

Unique to you

Based on your response to a series of tones, the CORE creates a personal hearing profile and programs your optimal settings with our easy-to-use app.

Smartphone controlled

The LifeEar app turns your phone into a remote control, allowing you to discreetly adjust your volume or program, and fine-tune the more advanced settings.

Auto adapts

Focus on speech as LifeEar automatically adapts to your surroundings and reduces background noise, no matter where you happen to be.

Expert support every step of the way

Just because we do things online doesn't mean we're going to abandon you after the sale. Our audiologist and experienced team of hearing instrument specialists provide free lifetime assistance. So whether you have questions before ordering, during the personalization process, or a year down the road, we're here to for you.

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Includes free protection and a free year supply of batteries ($190 savings!) 

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