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What will the personal profile do for me?

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-DA -LANG -IS: esSimply amplifying all frequencies (low, mid and high sounds) would not help you follow conversations, and would make everything equally...
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How do I know what program to use?

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-DA -LANG -IS: esThe LifeEar hearing device has 4 programs. The ‘Automatic’ program is designed to be flexible and is therefore the default...
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How do I wear the LifeEar hearing device?

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-DA -LANG -IS: esHold thin tubing at stabilizer bar junction. Gently insert ComfortTIPTM into ear canal. Place LifeEar device body behind ear. The...
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Which ear tip is best for me?

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-DA -LANG -IS: esA good fitting tip should feel comfortable in your ear and provide good sound quality with minimal feedback. The LifeEar...
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Which tube should I wear?

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-DA -LANG -IS: esAfter completing the personalization profile, the App will instruct you if it is recommended to switch to the high volume...
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How often should I replace the tubing?

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-DA -LANG -IS: esFor optimal performance, tubing and ComfortTIPs should be replaced every three (3) months. Regular replacement will keep your LifeEar device...
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