Customer Reviews

Edmund T.

It’s amazing what I’ve been missing.

Paul B.

No one has ever noticed it and I'm completely bald!

Jim G.

Effective background-noise suppression. The amount of background noise is far less.

Joseph H.

Very easy and happy experience. They perform exactly as advertised.

Norm P.

Every bit as good as advertised I'm hearing things I haven't heard in years. They are every bit as good as advertised

J. L.

Go for it! I bought the left ear because I have a ($2,500) Resound aid still working in my right ear. So far I am very pleased with the performance of the LifeEar product (for one day). I may buy the LifeEar right ear in the future.

Henry G.

Five Stars My father-in-law loves it and LifeEar's service is superb!!

Donald M.


Potter Q.

Five Stars It is easy to use, and I can hear again!

Steve E.

Can hear what people are saying again! All the difference in the world. Love it!