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Yes, the LifeEar hearing devices will work as soon as you insert a battery and turn it on by closing the battery door. They do not need to be connected to the App to provide amplification. The hearing device has a multi-function push-button on the spine of the device body to control the program and volume manually without the App. The programs will perform as intended but will not be optimized specific for each ear. For optimal results, we  recommend connecting the hearing device(s) to the LifeEar App and proceeding with the personalization process to optimize the programs specific for each ear.

After you have connected and personalized your hearing devices with the App you can choose to control the program and volume on the App or manually with the push button on the device. If the LifeEar App gets closed, your phone shuts down, or you move out of range (5-6 feet from phone), the LifeEar devices will continue to amplify and the volume and programs may be controlled manually with the push button on the device.

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