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If you have misplaced one or both of your devices you can use the App to help locate them. This functionality can be found on the settings tab and then scrolling until you see the “Find my device” menu item.

If you open this menu and the devices are in range of the bluetooth it will show the following screen:

Single hearing aid find my hearing aid screen Both hearing aid find my hearing aid screen











If you have a pair of devices it will give you the option to select which aid you are looking for. You can do this by pressing either the Left or the Right button.

This screen shows the signal strength of the device. The closer you get to the device the higher it will be filled while the further away you will see it decrease. It will update the strength every second and will cause the battery of the hearing device to drain faster.

If your hearing devices are outside of range of you smartphone you will be shown the following screen:

This means that the device is too far away to detect and you should try moving to a different room. If that does not help it may be possible that the devices are not in the same building or that they are out of battery or turned off.


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