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A good fitting tip should feel comfortable in your ear and provide good sound quality with minimal feedback.

The LifeEar comes with Open ComfortTips attached. We also include optional Closed ComfortTips with the high volume kit. The difference is that:

  • Open: Allows natural sound and better air flow.
  • Closed: Allows highest volume without feedback (the whistling sound).

The type of tip used will change the volume and sound. Therefore, we always recommend to do the personalization when you change between tips.

You can also contact support if you want additional advice.

Combination of tips and tubes that you can test

To change the tips follow these steps:

.01 Hold tubing at stabilizer bar junction with one hand and remove ComfortTIP™ with other hand.

.02 Align new ComfortTIP so vented end is lined up with stabilizer bar. Push tip over the ridges on end of tubing.

.03 Important! The end of the tubing should be visible through the opening of the ComfortTIP to prevent tip from detaching

Changing tips diagram

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