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Store batteries in their original packaging, as loose batteries kept in a jar or bowl may result in the batteries shorting before they are used.

Remember zinc-air batteries need a period of time in contact with the air to fully charge before use. Wait at least 60 seconds after removing the sticky-tab. This time allows the battery to reach its full potential and will assure that you get the longest battery life.

Make sure all of the residue from the sticky-tab is removed from the battery before placing it in your LifeEar hearing device. Open the LifeEar hearing device battery door overnight to allow any moisture inside the device to air out or store your LifeEar hearing device in a dehumidifier unit or “dry box” especially designed for hearing devices.

You can always save battery by turning the hearing device off when you go to sleep or are not using it. You turn the hearing device off by opening the battery door.

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