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Your hearing device can be cleaned daily with a tissue or soft cloth. Do not use water, alcohol, or other liquid agent to clean the hearing device as it may damage it. Use the included cleaning tool to gently brush away wax and other debris. For optimal performance, hearing device tubing and tips should be replaced every 3-6 months.

Do not let the LifeEar® hearing device get wet or expose the aid to excess moisture or heat. Do not use hairspray while wearing the device. Avoid physical shock to the aid, such as dropping it on the ground.

  1. Daily cleaning:
    Use cleaning tool brush to remove debris from ComfortTIP, push-button, and microphones. Then wipe LifeEar device with the microfiber cloth.
  2. Regular cleaning
    Remove tubing, thread cleaning tool wire through tubing base and out of tip. Wipe end of wire clean and repeat as necessary.

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