LifeEar App can’t find the LifeEar CORE?

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If the app is unable to find your aid, check the following and then press the “search again” button:

LifeEar CORE is turned on: Make sure there is a working battery in your CORE and the battery door is fully closed.  To verify the aid is on, place on your ear, press the button on the hearing aid, and listen for beeps or voice prompts.

LifeEar CORE is near the smartphone: Bluetooth wireless technology has a limited connection range. Make sure your CORE is within six (6) feet of your device.

Turn the CORE off and the on again: You can turn the CORE off by opening the battery door. This will reset the connection on the side of the hearing aid.

No other device is connected to the CORE: If you use the LifeEar app on both your tablet and smartphone, you will only be able to connect with one device at a time. Make sure the app is completely closed on the other device. If the app is still unable to find the aid, replace the battery. The app may no longer work when batteries are low, even if the CORE is still working. This is because the app connection requires more power than the hearing aid amplification.

If you are still having issues, contact us at or call 312-638-1301.

Cannot find aid screen 1   Cannot_Find_Aid_screen two   Screenshot connection issue

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