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The LifeEar App does more than just set-up the personal profile. We see that the App is most used as a convenient way to control the volume. A lot of people also use the App to change the program to adjust to their environment. If you want to know how much battery you have left, you can also see this directly from the App.

Dashboard screen


It is also possible to further fine-tune the programs you have with our advanced audio settings. This mean you can further control the low, mid and high tones (equalizer) and set noise reduction levels. https://www.lifeear.com/faq/advanced-audio-settings/

We also just released our Fine Tune Assistance functionality. This means you can get one of our LifeEar specialists to help tweak the audio settings. More information is listed on:

We have also developed your own Hear Coach that will help explain concepts such as how best to wear the aid with glasses or how to clean the tubes.

The next planned development is aimed at helping you in the first three weeks of getting used to the new sound but also to make it easier to order replacement tubes and tips. We are always developing improvements to the App. This means that as time goes by, more advanced features will become available.


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