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What is Fine Tuning Assistance?

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This feature is for LifeEar CORE users and LifeEar AMP subscribers only.

It is possible that you are not completely satisfied with the sound after having completed the hearing personalization. Common issues include:
1. Volume is too soft or too loud
2. Sound may seem a bit tinny or muffled to you and voices do not sound crisp and clear.
3. Noise from the background is too distracting or too much is getting filtered out
4. Other questions or problems you would like solved

You can find this option under the Support menu at the bottom right of the App. The Fine Tuning Assistance starts with a questionnaire to help us identify what the problem is that you are running into. Once you have filled in these questions, your request will be read by a LifeEar specialist. If they have additional questions, they will try and call you. If they can help you directly based on your questions, they may send you a tweaked version of your personal profile to try out.

If you have a question you need solved quickly, you can also call our service center. We aim to process all Fine Tuning requests within 1-3 business days.



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