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This feature is for LifeEar CORE users and LifeEar AMP subscribers only.

LifeEar Hear Coach

The Hear Coach can be found in the third menu tab called ‘My LifeEar’. This functionality will guide you in getting the most out of your LifeEar. With Hear Coach, you will be able to take a guided tour of your device and the LifeEar app.


Hear Coach has lessons on topics varying from “How to place the LifeEar on your ear”, to a walkthrough of each program the LifeEar hearing device has to offer. By watching the video or alternatively reading through the instructions you can gain ‘Hear coach progress’.

Once you have completed all the main lessons you will reach 100% coach progress and should be getting the most out of your LifeEar. There are also optional lessons you can follow but do not help towards your progress.

Lessons Available include:

  • Wearing the device on your Ear
  • Wearing the device with glasses
  • Changing to a different tip
  • Setting up the high volume kit
  • How to clean the hearing device
  • Explanations of all four programs that LifeEar offers.

Please rate the lessons in the App or let us know if you have any suggestions to help us make the best possible experience for you.

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