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Whistling (feedback) occurs when amplified sound returns to the microphone and is re-amplified. Most hearing aids whistle when the tip is not inserted properly in the ear canal.

  • Try reinserting the default open ComfortTIP into the ear canal. If that doesn’t work, try the closed ComfortTIP. If you find the tip falling out of the ear canal the thin tubing may not be long enough for your size of ear.
  • If whistling occurs when you raise the volume, try using a Closed tip.
  • Lower the volume to a more comfortable level.
  • If whistling occurs after trying a closed tip, you might require more volume and should try the High Volume Kit.
  • Clean any wax or debris from Tubing/Tip and/or ear canal. Whistling will disappear when the condition is corrected.

Please note: When an object (hand, hood, person, chair, wall… etc.) comes close to your ear while wearing hearing devices, you may experience whistling. This is normal for all microphones when temporarily obstructed, not just microphones in hearing devices.

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