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Have you heard?

Read the latest news and press about LifeEar.

Have you heard?

Read the latest news and press about LifeEar.

The Latest Press

EmaxHealth – December 30, 2018

Gift of Hearing’ Holiday Giveaway

Holidays can be a difficult time of year for the 29 million hearing-challenged Americans who have no hearing aids. Those with untreated hearing loss are not only likely to suffer from social isolation and vulnerability to depression, anxiety and even dementia every day of their lives, but also tend to miss out on everything. 

The Mac Observer – November 12, 2018

These Hearing Aids can be Calibrated With Your iPhone

Ears are like people, no two are exactly the same. That’s why the LifeEar app allows you to customize the CORE for your unique ears. Based on your response to a series of tones, it creates your profile and then calculates your personalized settings.

The Gadgeteer – September 3, 2018

LifeEar is a hearing aid that you can fine tune with an app

I had no idea that hearing aids were so expensive. I’m talking upwards of $6000 expensive! What do you do if you’re not covered by Medicare or other insurance policies? Is there a less expensive solution that doesn’t even require that you go to a hearing specialist to fine tune the hearing aids to your particular type of hearing impairment?

Senior Outlook Today – August 24, 2018

Five Things Seniors Are Overpaying For

Seniors shell out money for necessity items every day without even checking if there are more affordable alternatives. Below are the five things seniors are overpaying for ... 3 – Hearing aids. Custom aids typically cost $5000-$7000 per ear and are not covered by Medicare or most insurance policies. 

Mac Sources – August 22, 2018

LifeEar CORE Hearing Aid REVIEW

High-end hearing aids can be quite cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, there are new alternatives for people who might not be able to afford the insane cost of hearing aids since insurance does not cover them. To those people, the LifeEar CORE hearing aids might be a godsend. 

Built In Chicago – August 10, 2018

There's an app for that: LifeEar's hearing aids can be customized on your smartphone

Getting a hearing aid is harder than it sounds, because of extensive waiting times and multi-step manual customization process. LifeEar aims to break that cycle. The company, which launched in Chicago last year, develops affordable, medical-grade hearing aids with an accompanying app that lets users customize noise cancelation, directionality, tone, volume and pitch. 

ChangingAging – June 12, 2018

What Did You Say?

For years, I had wondered when the tech industry, which I live smack in the middle of in San Francisco, would tackle hearing aids. The current options are prohibitively expensive and inaccessible. I was positively giddy waiting for my LifeEar CORE to arrive.

MacTrast – June 11, 2018

Review: LifeEar CORE Bluetooth Hearing Aid for iPhone

As I reach my late 50s, I found it harder and harder to follow conversations in noisy rooms. I was continually asking soft-spoken folks to repeat what they said, and seriously considering turning on closed captioning while viewing television. However, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a hearing aid. Enter the LifeEar CORE Bluetooth hearing aid.

MacDirectory – June 8, 2018

Small Device. Huge Difference.

By using an app on your smartphone, the LifeEar CORE can be completely customized to the user's specific needs. No two ears are alike, so having the ability to fully customize the audio response on the device is paramount for an effective hearing aid. Instead of going to see a doctor for adjustments, these subtle changes can be made right on a smartphone. 

Gadget Review – May 1, 2018

LifeEar Smart Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids have always been very simple devices. You plug one into your ear, you turn up the volume and you hear better. That’s all there was to it. But that all changes with LifeEar, a hearing aid for the 21st century.